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This page lists recent sermons. For earlier sermons search all sermon files by keyword, speaker or Bible passage or visit  the Sermon Archive where sermon series can be found in Bible book order.

Church Matters #2 What should I pray for? (download)
Dan Steel, 19/09/2021
Church Matters #1 What on earth is God doing? (download)
Dan Steel, 12/09/2021
Vision Sunday : What do you do with power? (download)
Dan Steel, 05/09/2021
Rescued for relationship #18 God's new creation (download)
Phil Bailey, 29/08/2021
Rescued for relationship #17 Living in God's presence (download)
Sam & Natalia are planning to come to work as an Outreach Worker at Magdalen Road when COVID-19 allows them to move from Brazil.
Sam Caballero, 22/08/2021
Rescued for relationship #16 Re-shaping God and how he responds (download)
Dan Steel, 15/08/2021
Rescued for relationship #15 The God who provides a representative and reconciliation (download)
Dan Steel, 08/08/2021
Rescued for relationship #14 God's throne of grace (download)
Phil Bailey, 01/08/2021
Rescued for relationship #13 The God who welcomes the world to his table (download)
Charlie Currie, 25/07/2021
Rescued for relationship #12 God's good law (download)
Charlie Currie, 18/07/2021
Rescued for relationship #11 True worship (download)
Phil Bailey, 11/07/2021
Rescued for relationship #10a Approaching the holy God (download)
Devotions at the start of First Tuesday p[rayer meeting
Phil Bailey, 06/07/2021
Take heart #7 That you may know (download)
Matt Hutchings, 04/07/2021

For earlier sermon recordings visit the Sermon Archive where sermon series can be found in Bible book order or search all sermon files by keyword, speaker or Bible passage