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This page lists recent sermons. For earlier sermons search all sermon files by keyword, speaker or Bible passage or visit  the Sermon Archive where sermon series can be found in Bible book order.

Take heart #5 Christ’s authority over the storm (download)
Jordan Dobbins, 06/06/2021
Rescued for relationship #6 Trust the God who fought for you (download)
Phil Bailey, 06/06/2021
Rescued for relationship #5 Realise and remember (download)
Matt Hutchings, 30/05/2021
Take heart #4 Counting the cost (download)
Matt Hutchings, 23/05/2021
Rescued for relationship #4 The Lord of all (download)
Matt Hutchings, 23/05/2021
Rescued for relationship #3 It's all in a name (download)
Matt Hutchings, 16/05/2021
Take heart #3 The suffering servant who takes on all our infirmities (download)
Tom Hunter, 09/05/2021
Rescued for relationship #2 Moses and the burning bush (download)
Andrew Anderson, 09/05/2021
Rescued for relationship #1 What to do when God seems absent (download)
Phil Bailey, 02/05/2021
Take heart #2 Faith makes the difference (download)
Jack Carroll, 25/04/2021
The story continues #3 The ascension: A comfort and a challenge (download)
Dan Steel, 25/04/2021
The story continues #2 Witnesses to the ends of the Earth (download)
Dan Steel, 18/04/2021
Take heart #1 in the one who can cleanse us (download)
Matt Hutchings, 11/04/2021

For earlier sermon recordings visit the Sermon Archive where sermon series can be found in Bible book order or search all sermon files by keyword, speaker or Bible passage