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This page lists recent sermons. For earlier sermons search all sermon files by keyword, speaker or Bible passage or visit  the Sermon Archive where sermon series can be found in Bible book order.

The Upper Room #4 The fruitfulness of the Christian Life (download)
Andrew Anderson, 07/08/2022
The Upper Room #3 The Spirit is coming (download)
Matt Hutchings, 31/07/2022
The Upper Room #2 Even greater things (download)
, 24/07/2022
The Upper Room #1 The way. The truth. The life. (download)
Dan Steel, 17/07/2022
A faith that works #11 Pray (download)
Dan Steel, 10/07/2022
A faith that works #10 Be patient (download)
Matt Hutchings, 03/07/2022
A faith that works #9 Now listen, you rich peopleā€¦ (download)
Dan Steel, 26/06/2022
A faith that works #8 When we get too big and He gets too small (download)
Dan Steel, 19/06/2022
The Character of Christ (What's He like?) (download)
Church Day Away 18th June 2022
Matt Searles, 18/06/2022
A faith that works #7 Wave your white flag (download)
Matt Hutchings, 12/06/2022
A faith that works #6 True faith and the tongue (download)
Dan Steel, 05/06/2022
A faith that works #5 True faith bears fruit (download)
Phil Bailey, 29/05/2022
A faith that works #4 Not favouritism but mercy (download)
Phil Bailey, 22/05/2022

For earlier sermon recordings visit the Sermon Archive where sermon series can be found in Bible book order or search all sermon files by keyword, speaker or Bible passage