Share a Bible themed tour of Oxford’s world famous Ashmolean Museum led by own our own James Greig, with members of Oxford FIEC Churches. 12th Oct, 19th Oct and 9th Nov, £5 donation, RSVP to James.
Next Sunday (22nd Sept) will be our first proper church lunch at Old Schoolhouse. As we don't have an oven yet (!) we'll be having a BBQ. Please bring food to share - meat, bread, salad, drinks and puddings welcome. We hope you can join us.
Our next church meeting will take place on Tues 1st Oct, 7.30pm at OS. This will be an opportunity to discuss church business and pray together. Members are expected to attend, please email if you can't make it.
An opportunity to consider together a number of Psalms, thinking through how we might appreciate and gain more from them, and from the collection as a whole. Sunday 22nd September, after church lunch (approximately 2.30 - 4pm)
At MRC we're committed to loving vulnerable and keeping them safe. We're grateful for Tom Guy's service as our safeguarding co-ordinator, and Matt will be taking this over, so please contact him if you have any questions or concerns.