The King has Come

The King has Come

The good news of Jesus told by Mark

Why listen to the King? Mark 1:1-13
Why follow the King? Mark 1:14-28
The King in his kingdom Mark 1:29-45
The authority of the King Mark 2:1-12
The King who feasts Mark 2:13-17
The King and the Sabbath Mark 2:14-3:6
The King's authority to send out Mark 3:7-19
Mad, bad or God? Mark 3:20-35

A sermon about sermons

Mark 4:1-20
What is His kingdom like? Mark 4:21-34
Order out of chaos Mark 4:35-5:20
Jesus has power to save life Mark 5:21-6:13
Two kinds of king Mark 6:1-44
Jesus turns doubt to trust Mark 6:45-56
Who do you get your authority from? Mark 7:1-23
Jesus, the King of all people Mark 7:24-37
Jesus can overcome all your doubts Mark 8:1-21
Who do you say Jesus is? Mark 8:22-9:1
Mountain Transfiguration! Mark 9:1-13
Everything is possible Mark 9:14-29
Greatness and the Cross Mark 9:30-41
Living without compromise Mark 9:42-50
Divorce and discipleship Mark 10:1-12
Customising Mark 10:13-31
Serving Jesus for his glory Mark 10:32-45
Jesus gives spiritual sight to follow Him Mark 10:46-52
The triumphal entry Mark 11:1-11
Faith in God bears fruit Mark 11:12-33
God's vineyard Mark 12:1-12
Q&A with the King Mark 12:13-37
False Righteousness and True Devotion Mark 12:38-44
Notes for the apocalypse Mark 13:1ff
Worship and rejection Mark 14:1-11
The Lord's Supper Mark 14:12-26
Prediction & fulfilment: trusting Jesus who is in control Mark 14:27-72
Facing temptation and opposition with Jesus' help Mark 14:27-72
How to see Jesus Mark 15:1-41
How to follow the Risen Jesus Mark 15:42 - 16:8

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