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God's character from various passages (2017)
The vision for Magdalen Road Church (2011)
A Gospel for the Nations?  (2018)
Bible overview materials
Easter in the Old Testament (2013)
An occasional series considering contemporary questions (2015 - 2017)
Church Weekend Away 2009
Occasional sermons on our World Church Sundays
Occasional sermons by international speakers (2020)
On the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade (2007)
God wants to use YOU (2007)
The Communal Vision of the Bible (2011)
Oxford Area Leadership Day 25th January 2014. Guest Speaker Ray Evans
Topical subjects to help Christians grow (2019)
Training Day for Oxford area FIEC Churches January 2016
Jesus on himself (2020)
Jesus for the iGens? (2019)
FIEC Leaders Day 2019
Living for God (2014)
Living in Light of the Cross (2012)
What the Bible teaches about who we are (2016)
The Paradox of God's Kingdom (2014)
Spotting the Pharisee inside (2013)
Looking at the prayers of Paul (2017)
Rededication services at the start of a church year
To Infinity and Beyond (1999) (in the 3 months leading up to the end of the Millennium)
Sin and how to solve it (2015)
Lessons from the prayers of the Apostle Paul (2005)
The Bible and Politics (2010)
Church Weekend Away 2017
Occasional sermons focusing on our vision
The transforming power of knowing Jesus Christ (2008)
Church Weekend Away 2013)