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The Barnabas Group 

We take our name from the apostle Barnabas who resourced gospel ministry financially (Acts 4:36) and also encouraged and supported others in the spread of the gospel. (e.g. Acts 9:27, 11:25 & 12:25)
The Barnabas Group consists of a small number of members of Magdalen Road Church who meet about three times a year to provide direction for our engagement with the worldwide church.
Our main task is to see that our ministry partners are well supported with prayer and appropriate pastoral care. In addition we arrange two Sundays a year when our services focus on the world church and global outreach.  We plan regular updates at Sunday services and seek to encourage prayer for our ministry partners and the global church throughout the life of our church. We set an annual budget for those of our partners whom we support financially.
We believe that, biblically, the local church is the primary agent in calling, commissioning and supporting those who sense a calling to cross-cultural service.
We also seek to work in partnership with specialist agencies that can supply expert guidance and support.
If you are interested in exploring serving God in cross-cultural ministry, please get in touch in the first instance with Pastor Dan Steel or Catherine Weston so that we can prayerfully work together with you in discerning God’s guidance.
The Barnabas Group consists of Pat Brittenden, Emily Greig, Grace Hunter, Amy Skea, Catherine Weston and Richard Weston.