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28/05/2020 7:00am
29/05/2020 1:00pm
29/05/2020 7:30pm
31/05/2020 10:30am
Sadly we aren't going to be able to have our regular church weekend away this year, but we're keen to spend some time together having some fun as a church family. With that in mind, we're hoping to have a quiz night on Saturday 6th June via Zoom!
We wanted to briefly let you know that as part of the elders' financial discussions and options for this coming year, Dave Dent has volunteered to take the government furlough scheme for May and June.
In light of current circumstances our evening gathering, Greenhouse, is on pause until further notice. We will review this decision in the future as COVID unfolds
During the Philippians series we've been encouraged (children and adults alike!) to make Joy Glasses! There have been some fantastic ones made already and Peter Leaver has kindly collected them into a gallery.