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Running on Sunday afternoons, 4:30-6:00pm from 5th January 2020 at OS.

Email Kitty at to sign up.

Whether we are new Christians or mature, we all have areas of our lives which need transforming. Some of us tend towards anger or impatience, others towards jealousy or discontent. Some of us struggle with addictions and, in different ways, all of us still harbour pride in our hearts. God is not planning on leaving us this way!

As Philippians reminds us, God is going to bring to completion the good work he has already begun in us (Phil 1:6). But how does this process of change work?

Real Change is a course for anyone who wants to find out how the gospel changes us from the inside out – anyone who wants to take a look at what is going on in their heart and grow with God’s help to see Real Change. We will look at Scripture, and look at our own hearts. Working in a pair, we will choose something to work on in our own lives - an area we would like to see change in - and let the Holy Spirit get to work!

The course runs for 6 weeks, and it is important to make as many sessions as possible. There will be a small cost (£5) to cover materials and refreshments, but please don’t let this be a barrier to coming.