Sermon Archive

Origins: What the Bible says about life, the universe and everything (2009)
No Longer Slaves : The messages of Exodus (2006)
When God comes down : The message of Exodus for a Post-Christian world (2011)
Paving the Way Home (2018)
Stories of people who haven't arrived yet (2016)
Our Faithful God (2017)
Ruth : Romance and Redemption (2018)
A King after God's Heart (2018)
Speaking for God when it's hard : The story of Elijah (2015)
I will build My Church : Lessons from Ezra on kingdom growth (2013)
Trusting the Invisible God : The story of Esther (2006)
Job's cry "Where is God?" (2012)
The Way Home: Selections from the songs of ascent (2009)
Living with God Psalms for the New Year (2011)
Songs for the Real World: The authentic Christian life in the Psalms (2006)
Why have you forsaken me?
Real Songs : The highs and lows of living in the now (2014)
How to Live Well (2013)
How to have a heart of wisdom (2018)
Learning to Wait Advent in Isaiah (2015)
A Long Way East of Eden : Shame and hope from Isaiah 1-11 (2004)
One Lord, One People, One Hope : The Message of Isaiah 56-66 (2008)
Living away from home : Daniel in Exile (2017)
Our God Reigns! Living in a hostile world (2007)
The Day of the Lord (2012)
The Lion Roars : Amos (2019)
The Lion Roars : Studies in Amos (2005)
Jonah : Surprised by Grace (2015)
A Scandalous Grace : Lessons from the book of Jonah (2010)
Who is like the Lord (2018)
Questioning Justice : The message of Habakkuk (2016)
I will Build My Church (2008)
Lord Teach us to Pray : The Lord's Prayer in Matthew (2016)
Why Christmas? (2010)
Responses to the Coming King (2014)
Not to be Seen by Others : Living the authentic spiritual life (2016)
Unstoppable : The ministry of Jesus in Matthew 8-9 (2010)
Let Your Kingdom Come: Lessons from parables in Matthew 13 (2009)
The (upside-down) Kingdom of Heaven is like ... (2016)
The King has Come : The good news of Jesus told by Mark (2014/15)
Tales of the Unexpected: Parables that Jesus told (2005)
The Revolution's Here : The message of Luke (2006)
The Road to Life : Luke's account of the Easter Story (2014)
Responding to the Heart of God (2011)
Jesus on Parables (2019)
Seven signs in John's Gospel (2016)
To be Continued : Meeting the Risen Jesus ... (2015)
Suffering Servant, Risen King : Jesus before and after the cross (2008)
The Real Jesus (2011-2012)
Knowing and Growing : Living a Fruitful Life for the Father (2015)
Words of the Cross : John's account (2019)
The Word became flesh
The Power of the Gospel : Transforming Lives in the Book of Acts (2010)
The Making of a Global Church : Lessons from the life of the Apostle Paul in the book of Acts (2005)
Revolutionary Lives in the book of Acts (2007)
The New Kingdom of Jesus (2016)
True Hope: God's promises to His People in Romans 8 (2006)
A short series in Romans 8 (2020)
A Spirit-filled Community : 1 Corinthians 12-14 (2009)
Unimpressive? (2018)
The local church is the hope of the world : Paul's letter to the church in Ephesus (2013)
The Church as Community : Church Weekend Away 2006
The Struggle for Joy in the Mess of Life (2015)
Paul's Letter to the Philippians
Rejoice in the Lord: Paul's prison letter to the Philippians (2009)
Christ is All : The message of Colossians (2010)
Jesus is bigger than you think : Colossians 1-4 (2017)
Living with Real Hope (2016)
A Model Church (2007)
Stand Firm and Hold Fast (2020)
What makes a church healthy (2020)
Planting Healthy Churches (2016)
How to do Good : Paul's letter to Titus (2011)
Humble Confidence (2012)
So What is Faith? (2012)
Hungry : The dissatisfied joy of being a Christian in 1 Peter (2005)
Living in a Foreign Land : Lessons from 1 Peter (2012)
Stand Firm : Four words of advice from 2 Peter (2004)
Stay Safe : Warnings from 2 Peter (2019)
Love is from God (2018)
A Vision of Jesus to Get You Through : The message of Revelation 1 (2016)
The World we all Want (2013)
Revelation Letters : Jesus' message to the seven churches (2016)
Triumphant Love: The transforming power of knowing Jesus Christ (2008)
Pharisees Anonymous : Spotting the Pharisee inside
Living for God
The Paradox of God's Kingdom (2014)
Sin and how to solve it (2015)
So What is Prayer? : Lessons from the prayers of the Apostle Paul (2005)
Living in Light of the Cross (2012)
Made in His Image (2016)
Jesus for the iGens? (2019)
Praying with Paul : Looking at the prayers of Paul (2017)
Church Weekend Away 2017 : Our 4-part Vision
Experiencing The Spirit (2009)
Church Weekend Away 2013 : Union with Christ (2013)