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Words of the Cross #5 Fulfilment (download)
Matt Hutchings, 14/04/2019
Words of the Cross #4 Hatred (download)
Jonny Williams, 07/04/2019
Words of the Cross #3 Cowardice (download)
David Dent, 31/03/2019
Biblical Change (download)
Kitty Brittenden, 24/03/2019
Words of the Cross #2 Denial (download)
David Dent, 24/03/2019
Our Distinctives : The same but different (complementarity) (download)
Dan Steel, 17/03/2019
Words of the Cross #1: Betrayal (download)
Dan Steel, 17/03/2019
Our Distinctives : Independent but Inter-dependent (download)
Dan Steel, 10/03/2019
Stay safe … Jesus will return (download)
David Dent, 10/03/2019
Our Distinctives : Elder led but Congregationally governed (polity) (download)
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Dan Steel, 03/03/2019
Stay safe ... by avoiding false teaching (download)
David Dent, 03/03/2019
Evangelism : Putting it into practice (download)
David Dent, 24/02/2019
Stay safe ... by being Bible people (download)
David Dent, 24/02/2019

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