Home groups

Growing together

As Magdalen Road Church grows, it is important that some things stay small.  Home groups are a central part of our commitment to care for and disciple one another through Christ-like relationships.  They are small groups of people committed to doing life together.  They meet through the week at various locations and times around Oxford and, like families, they come in many shapes and sizes.  But the aim of home groups is simple – to be committed to helping each other become more like Jesus Christ.

Home groups are a place for people to be open and honest about their spiritual journeys.  It's a place to study the Bible together, to learn together what it means to follow Christ, to love our neighbours, and to carry each other's burdens.

A home group is not a collection of perfect people who've got life all sorted out.  It's for those of us who still need to grow, who need a place to ask questions, and who need others to help us when we mess up.

The Christian life is not easy.  Being a part of a small community of people committed to the same journey can often make all the difference.

For more information download our Homegroups leaflet.  If you would like to join a group then please register your interest here.