Following Christ together

Small group"We believe that the Christian life was meant to be lived in community. As the body of Christ we believe that God has called us to live together in truth and love, so that in all things we will grow up into maturity in Christ. In our life together we aim to imitate Christ in speech, love and service, so that we may nurture one another towards Christian maturity."

(From The church we want to be)


New to Magdalen Road

If you are new to Magdalen Road we encourage to join the newcomers' group so that you can rapidly get involved.  If you are involved but have not yet joined the church membership then we would encourage you to consider joining.  Please read the document membership at Magdalen Road Church, and then use the simple application form.


Central to our life together are small groups which meet mainly in homes.  We encourage all regular attenders to belong to such a group because we believe that most Christian growth happens through personal relationships.

Groups for different life situations

In addition we recognise that there is great value in groups which are for people at different stages of life, or focused on particular life situations.  We have groups for children, young people, men, women, and over fifty-fives (the TOFFs).

Serving together

We believe that a vital part of our life together is serving one another, and together serving the world.  We encourage everyone to get involved in some practical way.