Banner Image:   August 2022

"We believe that God calls us to be concerned for his worldwide church. As a local church we have the privilege of receiving many Christians who will be with us for a relatively short time before leaving to serve God throughout the world. We aim to nurture, teach and train them so that when they leave us, they will be better equipped for fruitful lives of service."   (The church we want to be)


Most skills for glorifying God in the workplace and the wider world will, of course, be learned outside of the church environment. However, there are a some skills which are particularly useful for some Christians to learn, and which we as a church can teach. We are committed to training home group leaders, and helping people develop their preaching gifts. We are also committed to helping people gain other skills as the need and opportunity arises.

Spurgeon's Preaching Group

The Spurgeon's Group helps people both understand and teach the bible better. Whether you are an experienced bible teacher, or want to think through basic principles and practices you would be very welcome to come. The Spurgeon's group also has opportunities to send speakers to different churches around our region.

Real Change

Real Change is a 6 week interactive course looking at how the Gospel changes us from the inside out, helping us to see the Holy Spirit at work in our lives and what steps we can take towards growth in Christ in our everyday lives.


We have a thriving ministry trainee programme which runs for one or two years. Each trainee will undertake a variety of activities and responsibilities within the church, as well as a number of opportunities for learning and spiritual formation designed to help them grow into Christian maturity. The trainee will be working as part of the staff team, based at the church office.  For more information contact Dan Steel.

Training Course

We currently use the South Central Ministry Training Course and Crosslands to provide theological teaching and training.