Sundays at Seven Sermons

Sermon are usually recorded to help us as individuals to develop and apply those themes: 

Recent Evening Sermons

  • Paving the Way Home 3. Establishing the priesthood
    Dan Steel, 16/09/2018
    Paving the Way Home 2. Sacrifices
    David Dent, 09/09/2018
    Paving the Way Home 1. Leviticus - an introduction
    David Dent, 02/09/2018
    Love is from God : Heard prayer
    David Dent, 01/07/2018
    Love is from God : Life in the Son
    David Dent, 17/06/2018
    Love is from God : Let us love one another
    David Dent, 10/06/2018
    Love is from God : Love and the Spirit
    Tom Sharpe, 27/05/2018
    Love is from God : Children of God
    Andrew Anderson, 20/05/2018

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