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Day 5 : John 1:9  We need a torch 

A funny thing happened at the Enlightenment… 
…because modernity (in essence) said Move over God… let’s free ourselves from the shackles of religion. That’s just the remnant of a previous ignorant and irrational era. A bygone (dark) age. We’re grown-ups now. And so by reason, thought and by hard work we will come up with an answer as to what this world is about and why we’re here”.
And yet the trouble was everyone came up with a different account. Different answers to the same question. So who’s right? Who’s account to do you run with? Who gets to give THE answer?
We’re still in the dark.
But then thankfully along comes post-modernity to bring some clarity for us. Or perhaps not, because post-modernity said “there’s not just one true way no – just go with what you believe to be true, be true to yourself and tell it as you want. You tell your story of the way things are and I’ll do the same.”
But then we run into more problems because if we’re all right… then when it comes down to it, none of us really is. If in your story you win and in my story I win – then who actually wins? What’s real? What’s true?
The sad irony of course is the (so called) enlightenment, has actually ended up leaving us more in the dark. 
But do you remember from a couple of days ago? It’s as if we’re trapped in a dark cave and what we need is some light to see what’s really going on and how to get by, but where are we going to get light from? We need someone from outside the darkness to come with some matches or a torch to help us see. We need someone to come and turn the light on. True enlightenment…
The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.

His name is Jesus.

Dan Steel, 25/11/2022