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Day 2 : John 1:3  Through him all things were made

So what is it for you that takes your breath away? Don’t hurry past that question.

This time of year perhaps it’s the rich tapestry of Autumnal oranges, browns and reds? 

Or maybe the golden sunset at the end of a clear summers day? 

Or an endless beach on holiday with the sea lapping against your feet? 

Or the panoramic view from the top of a mountain? 

Or a crisp winter’s day with snow covered fields? 

Well, today John tells us that Jesus made them.

Not a product of random chance or a biological fluke in a meaningless universe on a lonely planet which just so happens to have the necessary ingredients to sustain life, but rather they are his handiwork.

Christians can (and do) disagree and differ on the dynamics of Genesis 1. Literal 6 days? Literal 24 hours? But we can’t differ on the truth that God made it all through his word, and that his Word has a name.

As Christians we seem to easily get this wrong. Somewhere down the line we’ve gained a bit of a reputation for being anti-stuff.  So, we get the reputation that we’re pro spiritual-holy-type stuff (prayer and hymns and things like that), and we’re (apparently) anti – physical stuff. We’re killjoys. Anti-food or fun, or sex, or music or dancing or alcohol and especially anti-them on a Sunday.

And yet Jesus made them.

Now, yes, each of those things has a right context; they were created for a specific purpose and it’s right that we understand and enjoy them in the way that we are meant to otherwise we end up damaging ourselves and others. But today, perhaps reflect upon the fact that God is not anti-things. He’s a generous God who made a world that, rather than being drab and dull and grey and tasteless and simply functional or utilitarian, is full of beauty and wonder and love and joy.

He made that world through Jesus.

Dan Steel, 22/11/2022