Banner Image:   Christmas Meditations 2021
Day 11 : A song of joy and trust (Luke 1:46-50)

Spare a thought for Mary: teenaged, unmarried, told by an angel that she is pregnant – with the Son of God, no less, who will be God’s eternal king. Pretty enormous! And of all the ways to respond to those life-shattering events, I think this song is probably the most extraordinary. It’s extraordinary because it’s not about Mary, or even about her child (although it clearly is about both) – it’s a song about the LORD: who He is and what He has done. In the midst of life-changing circumstances, Mary chooses to glorify God, to rejoice in these glorious truths – and too so can we.

I love that this song, this outpouring of joy and trust, is both massively mind-blowing in scope; and also wonderfully, beautifully personal.

This is the God we worship.

  • He is the Mighty One (v49) – he is mighty, great, powerful, enthroned above all. Who is powerful, and willing, to act for his people.
  • His name is holy (v49) – his very being is utterly pure and set apart (Psalm 99v3). 
  • Yet he has unending mercy for those who fear him (v50), love and kindness for those who realise he is worthy of awe and worship and adoration.
  • He is unendingly faithful to his people, and keeps his promises and covenants and plans throughout generations and history (v50). 
  • And who is God our Saviour (v47). In fact, that’s where it all starts. Not just an abstract saviour, a personal one: Mary’s saviour. Your saviour, and mine. God my saviour.

And so we too can rejoice. Magnify, make big, the Lord in our souls. Maybe those words feel hard to say right now. But this week, this song has thrilled me: despite anything we’re facing, we can rejoice in the Mighty God of history, God our saviour. 

Maybe we need to lift our eyes to the power and might of the Lord. It’s so easy to forget his holiness and power, and not worship him with awe. Or maybe we need to treasure this God as our personal Saviour, to know in our hearts how, like Mary, he is mindful for us (v48). He knows and cares and loves us. What a privilege. What a wonder to rejoice in.

Becca Nichol, 09/12/2021