Banner Image:   Christmas Meditations 2021
Day 8 : God’s promised King (Luke 1:29-33)

Have you ever tried to read the final novel in a series without having read the first however many books?  Or tried to catch up on a hit TV show without watching the first few series?  There is so much you fail to pick up on and feel the effect of when you short-circuit the system.  (Could you really appreciate discovering the identity of the caddy at the end of season 3 of ‘Line of Duty’ had you not been watching from season 1?!) 

We can often come to the New Testament a bit like this.  We read the gospels, the epistles, Revelation, and we spot the Old Testament references – covenant: tick; Abraham: tick; Passover: tick – but the impact, the weight, the feel of these references goes completely over our heads.

Isn’t it interesting, that of all the things Gabriel could have said, as he introduced Jesus, he chose these 60 words.  No references to sin, the cross, or redemption.  Barely an inference (“Son of the Most High” is the closest we get) to Jesus’ divinity.  Instead, it is Jesus’ kingship that Gabriel seems to focus upon, as he reaches the climax of his speech.  Three things he draws out: Jesus will be a Davidic king; he will be king over God’s people (Jacob’s descendants), and he will be king forever.  Gabriel wants us to hear that Jesus is God’s promised king.

We know that at Christmas we must look not just at the incarnation but to the cross.  But do we go beyond the cross to look at the throne?  Do we see Jesus not just as the gurgling baby and as the crucified Messiah but as the risen and reigning king of all God’s people, for all of time?  Why not spend some time now worshipping the king? 

Matt Hutchings, 06/12/2021