Banner Image:   Christmas Meditations 2021
Day 1 : An Uncertain world (Luke 1:1-4)

It's a strange feeling watching TV that was filmed before 2020 and observing people hugging and being in small spaces. A part of me winces at how aware we have become of viral transmission and hygiene. The words "unprecedented times" still ring in our ears from the press conferences as virus variants, lockdown and zoom changed the way we lived day to day. Looking ahead, we might be more hopeful than this time last year, but there's still not yet complete certainty about what things will be like in the coming months. 

As Luke wrote his gospel, the early church was faced with uncertainty as well. The church was continuing to grow but Luke wrote his gospel (and Acts) to help secure their faith in the midst of opposition and a changing world. It’s easy to imagine that, as the Roman Empire continued to grow, members of this early church needed reassurance in the midst of uncertainty.

Into their situation and ours, Luke sets out the aim for his gospel right at the start. His aim is to provide certainty of the things we have been taught. He wants to write a reliable account that will reassure believers of what they know and those seeking of what is offered. 

To us now, this is the certainty we have in Christ. 

Instead of the uncertainty of restrictions, government and politics, we have certainty in a King of Kings that we can trust in completely when it comes to his sovereignty and his goodness.

Instead of the uncertainty of where we fit in amongst a broken world chasing after worldly things, we have the certainty of belonging eternally to the family of Christ. 

Instead of the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen over the coming weeks, we have certainty in the future of Christ coming again in victory to call us home. 

Jack Carroll, 29/11/2021