Old Schoolhouse prayer points:
Postponement of planning committee meeting

'I know that my Redeemer lives...' (Job 19:25)

As many of you will know, we were expecting the council planning committee to meet next week, on 19th January, to review our application to develop the Old Schoolhouse.  Unfortunately, this meeting has been postponed due to some clarification that has been wanted on the Essex Street housing development.  We are hopeful that these issues should be fairly easy to resolve and that our application will go to the committee in February or March.

Please be praying:
  • that the Essex Street housing situation will be resolved quickly and that the panel will be able to meet soon. Our team is meeting with the council's planning team today (Friday) to try and solve this. 
  • for the panel when they meet (and particularly for the 5 minute presentation we will give in the meeting and for those who will   present objections), that God would lead the officials to look favourably upon our application and that his will would be done by their decision
  • give thanks for how we were able to use the building over Christmas.
  • Pray that the very small gatherings during the current lockdown will encourage those who are able to participate. Pray for creativity for everyone in the church during this time, that we'd find ways to be together even if that cannot be in person. May God's love touch our hearts and the hearts of those around us anew.
  • Finally, give thanks for the Old Schoolhouse and the opportunities it presents. It has been an incredible privilege to have the building already, particularly during this COVID season. Pray that whatever happens with the Old Schoolhouse that it would be used to bless people