Amy's news 

Dear MRC Family
As most of you know on June the 12th I was able to get a spot on a special charter flight out of Iraqi Kurdistan to Doha and from there I flew to London then Edinburgh.  Thank you for all your prayers, I was able to say proper goodbyes to everyone and the journey went very smoothly.   I’m now only a day away from finishing my 14-day quarantine at my parents’ house in the Scottish Borders. It has been very relaxing, but I am very much looking forward to having a little more freedom!
What’s next?
From July to December I will for the most part be living in Oxford at the Curries’ house ‘on placement’ with MRC.  I’m to be an honorary member of the staff team, reconnecting with church life.  I’m so glad I will be able to join you again and be part of the MRC family while I make the big readjustment to living back in the UK. I’ll be doing some part time theological study and taking one or two training courses as well as getting involved in ministries of the church.
Part of that process of re-entry into UK life will be taking time to reconnect with friends and family and so I hope to do some travelling to make visits, as restrictions allow.   In the meantime, I’d be very grateful for your prayers as I pray and seek counsel amongst you about what is the next step for me.
Thank you again for your prayers as I left Sulemani and travelled to the UK.