Gift Day to fund a new heating system for Old Schoolhouse     

As we begin to make use of the Old Schoolhouse, there are lots of changes we want to make in the building. One of the most important things is to get the heating working as the old boiler that currently exists is beyond repair.

Having explored a number of means of heating the building, we have decided to make our first significant investment on the site. We have decided to invest in a new modern and efficient gas boiler. We have got experts to advise us, and we are proposing to install a heating system that will hopefully last for decades to come. It is exciting to be making this first step into refurbishing the OS.

Whilst we have installed a temporary electric solution to make the building habitable in the short term, we would love to get this installation of a new boiler done this autumn. Electric heating is expensive to run, and an efficient gas system with good controls will serve us really well.

To that end, last Sunday we had a gift day with the aim of raising at least £50,000 but ideally £75,000 to make this long term investment in the building. We pray that God would provide this sum so that we can make the building warm and welcoming to all in our community. Please prayerfully consider how you may be able to contribute, or if there are others you know who might like to partner with us in this.

More details for how to give can be found here.