Old Schoolhouse Prayer - Joy to the World (7/12)

  • Give thanks for positive support of our plans for the Old Schoolhouse and that people have communicated their support to the Council.
  • Pray for the people who review our planning application and for a fair decision-making process.
  • Pray for John P as he liaises with our advisors and for Martin G as he approaches some of the local Green and Labour councillors to seek advice regarding our planning proposal.
  • Pray for the team who are responsible for selling the manse and chapel, for wisdom in marketing and the various decisions they have to make.
  • Pray for the good reception of a letter that Matt Morgan and the mini Steering Group have drafted in response to some of the comments raised a few weeks ago. The letter will be distributed early next week.
  • Pray for a meeting that Pat, John and Matt will have with two community representatives (Friends of Irving) before Christmas - for truth, humility and grace.
  • Praise the Lord for a couple of significant financial donations towards the launch fund in the past couple of weeks.
  • Pray for carol singing this Sunday and for other upcoming Christmas events to which we have invited lots of people. May the joy of Christmas spread and fill us all with hope and a peace that transcends all understanding.