Old Schoolhouse - Love is patient... (22/2)

Please consider the points below as you pray for the Old Schoolhouse team and process this week.

Fundraising. Thank you for praying for the fundraising team and all those helping to prepare trust applications.  Please continue to pray for wisdom in writing these applications, that we would communicate our vision well, that the applications would be well received by the trusts and that we would receive the funding we need to get the Old Schoolhouse in good shape.

Partnerships. Thank God for interest from a good number of different organisations in partnering with us and for good meetings with potential tenants/partners.

Planning/Pre-application. One of our architect has been ill and progress on the preparation of the pre-application has been slow. Please pray for his health and for good progress with the pre-application which is expected to be submitted in a few weeks.

Pray for energy and wisdom for the whole planning committee, our technical advisors and architects.  

Sale of church assets. Please pray for the team responsible for the sale of the house and the chapel. Pray for energy and wisdom about marketing, for good discussions with the FIEC, solicitors and agents and that the marketing would progress as quickly as we would like.

Local community. Please continue to pray for upcoming meetings (tbc) with the school's governing body, still tentatively scheduled for mid-March to work through various issues.

Pray that the way we act, speak and listen, and interact with the local community would be a reflection of God’s love and care for people.

Unfortunately, there was an incident where the Old Schoolhouse’s fire alarm was going off for about half an hour today (Friday morning) after a communication mix-up. Pray for good neighbourhood relations despite this.

Move-in preparations. This week and next engineers are working to remove asbestos in the boiler room and to make an assessment of the boilers. Pray that these and other works would go smoothly and that whoever does work in the Old Schoolhouse (contractors or church members) would stay safe.

Praise God. We are so grateful for this opportunity to work on this project to serve the local community.