Old Schoolhouse Prayer Points for 24th Jan 2020 - 
"I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations.” Psalm 89, verse 1 (NIV)

Let's Dance!
Phoebe G is organising a ceilidh at the Old Schoolhouse tomorrow, Saturday, 25 January to fundraise for various expenses. Please join in the fun and pray that many would come!

Our vision for the Old Schoolhouse and where we’re at (meeting on 26 January)
Please pray for the meeting this Sunday, 26 January where we will provide an update on the state of the Old Schoolhouse and talk about our vision for the building. Pray that we would all be encouraged and know where we are in the journey and where the Lord is calling us to.

Please also pray for the process of recruiting a new assistant pastor and our exploring the possibility of another partnership with a missionary couple from Latin America who would join us at MRC as we seek to reach out to the diversity of East Oxford.

Parking & other practicalities (meeting with Comper)
Pray for a meeting that Pat and Esther will have with the head of Comper on Wednesday morning, 29 January about various things, including issues related to parking and about our timetable for resubmitted plans. Pray that the Spirit of God would guide us to seeking what is in the common good.

Boiler system works continue
The boiler engineers started working on the installation of the new boiler at the beginning of January. Please pray for the team of engineers as they tackle the challenges presented by working with an old building, that the works would proceed smoothly and for safety of everyone involved. Praise God for this wonderful provision and thanks to everyone who has contributed financially to make this purchase possible.

Using the building while works are ongoing…
Please pray for good liaison and logistics between the Engineers as they work and the Sunflowers/Buttercups and the staff team.

Meetings with prospective tenants and external events at the Old Schoolhouse
Pray for two more meetings with prospective tenants next week, for clarity about where we are up to in our journey and the possibility of them renting in the near future.

We know that we have the opportunity for temporary use of some of the space prior to us receiving planning permission, so we can start to let the space, which is exciting. We are receiving lots of booking requests for the Old Schoolhouse, which is great news as this is what the space is for. Pray for wisdom in deciding what to accept and how to organise it all and for protection over everyone who uses the building.  Pray that people of peace would use the space for the flourishing the community.

Our finance and fundraising teams would also appreciate continued prayer that we might receive gift donations for the many other practical things that are currently on hold due to lack of funds.
We are so grateful for every gift, big or small. May everyone who gives and who prays be blessed richly and know how much their gifts will bless many. Give thanks for this and please keep Jill Bain and the fundraising team in your prayers.

Alarm mystery solved
Dave and Pat were called out in the middle of the night quite a few times recently because something was setting off the alarms at the Old Schoolhouse. The alarms were checked and work, however, something was setting them off.  We are happy to report that this mystery has been solved! The culprit was a cat which was spotted by our youth on Friday night and subsequently caught and freed by our cat-loving pastor. Praise God for more peaceful nights now.

Planning – final steps to resubmission
Please pray for the final steps of work in preparing our resubmitted plans. Pray for John P overseeing this and for our relationship with the professionals.

Sale of the chapel
The sale of the chapel was completed on 18 December. Praise God for this. We are very grateful.
Continue to pray for blessings on the buyers and their work with homeless people, and pray especially for those most vulnerable in our community and that we would be a very practical blessing to them, in partnership with others in the area.