Old Schoolhouse: Rejoice in the Lord your God, for he has given you the autumn rains because he is faithful. Joel 2:23a (updated 20th Sept 2019)

Being good neighbours and church BBQ this Sunday

Continue to pray for warm relationships with Comper school and other neighbours, as we work on being good neighbours. Please also continue to pray for a spirit of collaboration and a vision for what is possible/desirable rather than what will be lost.

Pray for the Church BBQ on Sunday 22nd September, pray that some of our neighbours would join us, so we can get to know each other and form new friendships. Pray that many more would join us for the community BBQ on Sunday 13th October.

Sale of the chapel

Please continue to pray for sale of chapel to go through smoothly. Pray especially that rough sleepers occupying the forecourt would be able to be relocated without too much confrontation.


We have not yet received the expected written feedback on the revised pre-application. Do pray that it will come through shortly and that this process will move forward smoothly.

Pray for wisdom for the team and architects.


Thank God for Jill Bain who is taking the lead and for those who have joined the team recently. Pray for energy for the team and successful trust applications. More people to support the fundraising team are needed. Please pray about that and maybe you could help too?

Moving in

Pray that a good solution for heating will be sorted out in a timely manner so that the space will be welcoming and warm, especially with the children's groups and other initiatives starting up very soon.

Give thanks and pray for

Pray for Louise & John Perkins as they prepare to welcome their new baby. We are grateful for all John has done so far for the planning/design around the Old Schoolhouse. Pray for him as he is setting up a good accountability/project management system to help all of the wider partners and professional team keep on task over the coming months as we pray and work to resubmit our full application.

Martin Groth is taking over from John P while John is on paternity leave. Pray for strength and energy for Martin and give thanks for him and the Groth family.

A big thanks for Catherine & Ally Shand who are organising working bees and working very hard themselves.

We are very grateful for Hannah Langley and all she does regarding the move in, organising us, or liaising with potential partners. Pray for her as she has a lot of things on her plate, pray for strength and energy and joy.