Old Schoolhouse: We're in! (updated 9th August 2019)

We're already in!
This week we began the move in earnest to our new home and this Sunday we'll be celebrating God's faithfulness to us in our Magdalen Road building. Come along and hear more, and learn who is buying the building. 
  • Praise God for his provision of a buyer and pray everything would go through smoothly with the sale, and that God would bless them in that space.
  • Praise God for a good move of the office this week. Pray for the many things that need to happen behind the scenes to establish the office there, and it would be a good base for serving the church & community in decades to come.
  • Pray for (and diarise!) the half night of prayer on Saturday 7th Sept as we commit the Old Schoolhouse as our home to the Lord.
A building to bless the community
We really want the Old Schoolhouse to be something that is useful to and valued by the community. To that end, please pray on:
  • In time for a good mix of tenants: that the mix would work well together. Pray for wisdom as we think through guidelines for prospective tenants.
  • For community consultations: we are going to have a community consultation once we receive feedback from our pre-app for planning.
  • For the Community BBQ in October--that lots of local people would come and be blessed by it.
  • Pray for John Perkins as he continues to try and pull different people together to put in the full planning applicaiton. May God guide and lead this.
  • We are exploring options for keeping the building warm this winter (from refitting the boiler, to buying a new one, to a temporary measure for this year). Pray God would guide this!