Old Schoolhouse Updates

There's been a lot happening as we continue to prepare for moving to the Old Schoolhouse.

We're moving!
We've sold the MRC Chapel building (subject to contract) with a hopeful completion date of the 30th of August!
This means we have a lot of moving to do as we transfer everything from the old building to the new one, so we'll need all hands on deck to help out. 
If you're able to help us move, please get in touch with Martin Groth, Hannah Langley or one of the office team.

We're planning on getting a start on moving the contents of the attic on Tuesday 9th July. If you can help, particularly if you have a large car, please contact Thom.

Saying Goodbye
To mark leaving the MRC chapel that has been our home, we're keen to hold a final shared church lunch there after the service on Sunday August 11th and invite MRCers past and present to celebrate with us.
If you'd like to help us organise events for the day, or are interested in running an event on the Saturday night to prolong the festivities, please get in touch with a member of the staff team or elders.

Working Bee
The next Old Schoolhouse working bee will be held on Saturday 22nd June from 10:30am - 15:00pm. Come along anytime to help paint and prepare the building for the big move.

Prayer Points
  • For the organisers of all the events listed above, and prayerfully consider how you can help.
  • For the ongoing planning application process, especially the final details of the planning for the houses that are planned for the Essex St side.
  • For finance to support both the application process and the eventual building work. We are hugely encouraged by some recent pledges.
  • For the steering group as they continue to meet regularly to discuss all the different aspects the project.