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Have you ever been frustrated at the battles you face with anger or irritation, jealousy or discontent, joylessness or dashed hopes? We all struggle in different ways with our pull towards sin, but as Philippians reminds us, God does not leave us like this - he is going to bring to completion the good work he has already begun in us (1: 6). But how does this process of change work? Real change is a course for anyone who wants to find out how the Gospel changes us from the inside out - anyone who wants to take a look at what is going on in their heart and grow, with God's help, to see Real Change.

The course runs for 6 weeks, at different points throughout the year, usually either meeting on an evening, or a Sunday afternoon. Each person will be asked to prayerfully undertake a "Change Project" - identifying an area they would like to see change, and to share that with one other person. Based on the 'three trees model' from CCEF (Christian Counselling and Education Foundation) each session will include some teaching from the bible, group discussion and paired sharing.

Please contact Kitty Brittenden for more details.