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Be Careful How You Build : Beware of false gospels (download)
Andy Taylor, 25/06/2017
Our Faithful God : The Presence of God (download)
Dan Steel, 25/06/2017
Equip : Science and Faith (download)
Charlie Currie, 18/06/2017
Our Faithful God : The Judgement of God (download)
Dan Steel, 18/06/2017
Be careful how you build : Remember He's your Father (download)
Dan Steel, 11/06/2017
Our Faithful God : The discipline of God (download)
Dan Steel, 11/06/2017
Be careful how you build : Do not judge (download)
Andy Taylor, 04/06/2017
Our Faithful God : The victory of God (download)
Dan Steel, 04/06/2017
Building for the Future : More reforms point to the need for Jesus (download)
Andy Taylor, 28/05/2017
Our Faithful God : The family of God (download)
Dan Steel, 21/05/2017
Building for the Future : Dedication of the wall (download)
Charlie Currie, 14/05/2017
Our Faithful God : The power of God (download)
Dan Steel, 14/05/2017
Building for the Future : Five smooth stones of godly leadership (download)
Dorman Followwill, 07/05/2017

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