Learning to teach the Bible
Booking preachers

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Learning to teach the Bible

Do you want to be better equipped to teach the Bible? If so then the Spurgeons Group may be for you.  We usually meet monthly at the church building.  For more information contact spurgeons@mrc-oxford.org.  Alternatively just come along to the next meeting (dates to follow).

Just for preachers?

Most of the members of the Spurgeons group are preachers but the skills that we learn are applicable in many situations.  If you never intend to preach but just want to handle scripture better then you will be very welcome.

For novices and seasoned veterans

The Spurgeons group functions as a fellowship of bible teachers in which we help one another. It is therefore a group for those with many years of experience or none.  Come along to contribute as well as learn.



Booking Preachers

Shilton ChapelThe Spurgeons preaching group is actively seeking opportunities to preach in other churches.  If your church is looking for preachers - preferably to preach a short series - and if you would like to give an opportunity to people learning the skills then please do get in touch with spurgeons@mrc-oxford.org.

Testimony from a receiving church:
The elders would like to express our thanks to you for the speakers from Magdalen Road Church, Oxford.  Each one has been much appreciated by those attending the services. Throughout the series I had people approaching me and saying how much they enjoyed what the preacher said that morning.  This does not happen that often!  You are fortunate to have so much gift in your church, and you and your pastor are to be commended for the effort you put in to develop their gift."