The Over Fifty-Fives (TOFFs) are a social group at Magdalen Road Church. They meet once a month for a social event bringing together people from within the church family as well as other friends and neighbours.

TOFFs group July 2015

TOFFs visit Millets Farm Centre
10:30am Friday 25 August, Millets Farm Centre, Kingston Rd, Frilford
Visit Millets Farm Centre
TOFFs visit a 'Parable Garden'
10:30am Friday 29 September, Location to be arranged
Parable Gardens encourage fresh ways of exploring the Christian Gospel, Biblical parables and spirituality for people of all ages, through practical engagement with the natural environment, gardens, cultivation and creativity.
TOFFs Reel Life film
10:30am Friday 27 October, Magdalen Road Church, 41a Magdalen Road
Reel Life Film + bring-and-share lunch
TOFFs Talk on charity in Nigeria
10:30am Friday 17 November, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies
Presentation on helping families out of poverty in Nigeria
TOFFs Christmas Lunch
12:00pm Friday 15 December, .
Christmas Lunch (details to follow)
TOFFs Annual Planning Meeting
10:30am Friday 26 January, .
Meeting to plan activities for the coming year